Ghar Cheung

Network Marketer online helping others to succeed

Ghar Cheung - Network Marketer online helping others to succeed

AI Quantitative 3 Levels Income

This project uses AI quantitative trading to trade in the market, and conducts quantitative trading on major exchanges around the world.

If the market changes the analyst who trade will stop the AI trading in time to control the risk.

The worst outcome is to appear the phenomenon of low income and investors will not lose their principal when they invest in this project!

Our membership users are constantly increasing.

Coinhub will develop the AI quantitative trading project into an investment project with the participation of the whole people .laying the foundation for the next entry into the metaverse field.

Coinhub AI Quantitative trading version 2.0 has just been launched, the latest version will fully optimize various parameters to make the user experience smoother and simpler.

All 3,000 ports in the first phase of Coinhub have been authorized with a total authorized amount of 300 million US Dollars.

In order to meet the needs of subsequently investors, the second phase expansion of API Ports has reached 20,000.

The total value of expansion is 2 Billion.

Quantitative investment mainly relies on statistical models and historical data to find investment strategies and investment targets.

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