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Ghar Cheung - Network Marketer online helping others to succeed

Complex Business, Complex Business – Why Complex?

Whats the best way to build a business online? You need to know what it takes to make it in this economy and what it takes to be successful. This article will give you the answers to those questions.

So let’s get started…

The first and most important question to answer is, what is the best business model to use in this economy? I know some of you are saying oh, I know, it’s an economic downturn or whatever, but really, what is the best business model to use in this economy? That question can only be answered by considering the following:

* The best business model to use in this economy is the traditional business model.

* The traditional business model is the offline business model.

* The main advantage of the traditional business model is that you don’t have to take into account an online component. The offline component is a bit complicated, but basically you can run your business offline so no internet connected devices are needed.

* The main disadvantage of the traditional business model is it requires a lot of capital. You need to find the time to manage your business, find the money to invest into your business and more.

* The main advantage of the online business model is this aspect. It no longer requires the need to find the time or the money to be successful in your business. You can even run your business online part time to supplement your offline business while still having the benefits of a traditional business with the speed and reach of an online business.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, here is the simple answer to the question that I outlined above: If you are thinking about starting your own business and you want the best possible return for your dollar you want the traditional business model, and for your dollar you want the online model. The best business model is the traditional business model.

Now, it is important to understand that this doesn’t mean that a traditional business cannot succeed in this economy. A huge company like Wal-Mart, Procter and Gamble, etc have been able to achieve massive success with the traditional business model and I don’t see why a traditional business couldn’t too. But for the rest of us, the traditional business model has consistently provided the best returns on our dollar in this economy.

* The best business model to use in this economy is the offline model.

Now, let me explain what I mean by that. Let’s say you want to start a franchise. You are an executive or have been elected to the executive level at a company like Target, etc. And guess what, you want a traditional business. What you will find is that traditional businesses, not the online model like the franchise model, are more complicated and expensive to build, not least because they require you to pay the franchise fee, then hire someone to run the business for you, then hire them to run it some more, then hire someone to work in your franchise office until they are self employed, and finally hire a manager, office manager and so on and so forth. So while it may be easier to build than the online business it certainly isn’t easy and it is more complex. So you are giving up the return for the complexity. You are trading simplicity for returns. You are giving up the simplicity for the complexity that the traditional model requires. Not a good idea if you want the best possible returns. If you want something that is easy to build then you have to get simpler, and that is why traditional is best. You will achieve simplicity by using the offline model which consists of a few people. Your team. Your team can be your local team, your team of other reps, or a team of your downline reps. The idea is to get to a few people quickly, but the return will be more complicated and complex and even complicated and expensive. So if you want the best possible returns you want the traditional model.

And that is why I say to anyone thinking of starting their own business to think about the structure of your business, do you want it to be simple or complex? Do you want it to be easy or hard?

If your business is simple then you are at the best point of getting started. It’s simple to start a business, you can start it within minutes. The best place to start a business is with your family, your friends and those who are willing to listen. So start your business with a big smile, it’s a great way to start and the best thing is, after it starts, it will never stop.

If you want it to be simple then make sure you choose a place that is family oriented and encourages the use of the Internet as a tool. That will give you the best possible return. The only problem with a simple business is that you will be reliant on others to get started, so you will have to rely on their success and their ongoing success. There is no point in going to school to learn this, so rely on someone who is already well trained. I am confident that you will do well with this model, because you are dependent on them to get the business started. The best part about this is that the people doing this will be doing it for you.

If you want your business to be complex then you are taking a huge risk. Complex businesses are very difficult to start. I am not making this up, please Google complex business). The reason for the complexity is because to build a complex business you have to create a whole series of separate products, each with its own set of services, as well as another series of set prices to cater for each service. You would then have to sell these products to the end user. There is no one single way to do it, which makes it difficult for someone to un-package it and sell it to the end user. This will not help you sell your products. So you will need someone who has been through the process, to help you sell it. You also need to pay extra for training. If you want it easy, then find someone who has already gone through the process and has all the answers. If you want it hard, then prepare to pay for training.

If you choose to use this model then my advise you to have an email list. An email list is an open list, the subscriber receives email when your gives them advice or information. The subscriber will benefit from you sending out email. This is a huge benefit and huge value for the subscriber, if you have the skills to sell your advice and information, then offer it to your subscribers for free. You have the ability to build your email list into a significant revenue stream. This is the ultimate advantage of building your email list.

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