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Network Marketer online helping others to succeed

Ghar Cheung - Network Marketer online helping others to succeed

Getting Results

Do you want to learn how to make six figures online? Then get started by reading these steps. This information is very important, so I will explain it quickly. There are other easy steps, but these six are very important, and if you do them you can make six figures.

I have simplified this process, and if you do it properly, it will take you five minutes. Do it, and watch the $ roll in. You will end up with a brand new brand new website and a website that is working for you.

1. Create a brand new website. A brand new website means when a person searches for something on Google, they will be looking for something different. If you can create a website that has not been searched for, you will get a huge advantage. For example, a person will search for ‘restaurants’ on Google and your website will show up first because it hasn’t been searched for. This is a huge advantage because this means the person will see your site when they do a search for what they are looking for. Once this happens, you will then get people clicking on your links. Then, you can drive them to your landing page and sell them your products.

2. Sign up for AdWords and Get PPC. This is the easy part. Once you have created a brand new website and have registered for AdWords, you can get your own Google listing. This is important because you can get your own Google listing because your website appears in the search results for that keyword. It is a very lucrative listing, and it will allow you to start driving traffic to your website. Don’t miss this part.

The reason you want to do this is you want to start building links to your site. These links are like feet that point back to your website. These are the places where your website appears when someone does a search. Remember, these are search terms that you entered into your AdWords budget. It is important that you do not miss this, because missing these links can kill your online success.

Take your time with this. It can be very lucrative. You will notice that many people do not do this. Many small business people just start using AdWords and don’t take the time to make a plan. I am telling you this because this is the way I did it. I had a huge success, and it took me many months to achieve that success. I am telling you this now because you can do it too. It may take you more time, but it is worth it, and you will achieve success.

Step 4: Learn SEO. It is an easy step. SEO is the technical name for Search Engine Optimization. Learn SEO, and you will achieve success. Take your time getting a quality listing, because that will take you to Step 5.

If you don’t have AdWords and you don’t have Google listed on your website, you can still achieve success. The most important thing to learn is how to target. Target is the term you use that is specific to what you are offering. Get the targeted list to you and use the list to drive traffic to your website. You can accomplish this in many ways. You can send emails to your friends and family, you can post your website and make sure they visit your website, or you can buy a e-mail list. Whatever way you choose to accomplish the objective, you will achieve success.

I believe you should learn SEO. It is a simple and easy step to achieve success. It is so important that I wrote a separate article for you. If you don’t have SEO yet, I recommend you invest in SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a game changer. If you don’t do SEO, you won’t have success. SEO will make your website Rank higher in the search engines. Once you Rank higher in the search engines, you will achieve success.

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